So I’ve been away from my blog site lately…I never intended it to be so long!

Thank you for visiting again!  

I have been on quite a journey these past few months and God is doing some work…and many results are still to be seen but I wanted to update everyone…and get back to the blog!!

I’ve been on a path of doing more writing and now speaking. Yes…speaking! The past few months have been travel, attending conferences, an unexpected move (oh the packing & boxes) and a new direction! Busy, crazy but all good.
I look back over the past few months and realize that wow…much of the things that happen to us can be so unexpected (barring tragedies), sudden and not envisioned that we get lost.

Confused. Frustrated.

We think surely God wouldn’t want us spinning in a circle trying to catch up with happenings…wouldn’t He hand things to us in a nice orderly fashion? HA! Not this time. I’m sure there are times when this is exactly how He’lll do things but recently I marvel at how He pulls a zillion details together and lays out a path for us. Do we see it? Do we miss it?

I miss it too many times.

He can design and create the entire universe so why am I so amazed when he pulls together details in my world? I chalk it up to human perspective…

So when things accelerate in our lives and we’re not sure why or how to continue…how do we handle it? Do we keep walking out our routines? Do we turn to supposed stress relievers like food, shopping, drinking, relationships, etc? an extra latte?

Admittedly, I used to turn to all these things in search of respite. [ I still turn to Pringles a few too many times and its not pretty!]

But through this journey and especially during the past few months, I have been clinging to the Father more. More for daily talks, discussions over next steps, crying out my concerns and giving praise for His faithfulness.

And guess what? I’ve noticed a shift.

A calmness when I’m spinning. A deeper stillness in the midst of the chaos…and I realize…it’s a change in my heart. I’m trusting more. I’ve trusted in the past, yes…but this is a deeper sense of ‘well, whatever crazy nutty thing happens, He is here & with me so its okay’.

No….. I may not like the outcome or the direction
No….. I most likely do NOT understand the turn of events
Yes….. I get frustrated and whiny

But a deeper calm is there…more than its been in the past.

He’s reaching for you too. A hand is being held out for steadying you on your walk…grab His hand and hold on…even in the unknown…especially then…He won’t leave you!

They cried out to God during the battle, and he answered their prayer because they trusted in him. 1 Chronicles 5:20

Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you. Psalm 9:10

My prayer : Thank you Father for being so faithful. For not getting sick of my complaining and turning away from me but instead holding me closer and letting me know you are here. Thank you for growing my faith and trust in you Lord.