Hello!! This is my first blog post ever– thank you for stopping by! This site has taken me a LONG time to create–still obviously in the infancy stage but happy to have this much created.

I’ve felt led to create this for some time but have been fighting, wrestling and whining during this time. The process has been quite an eye opener: Since God is leading me, WHY is this so confusing? Wouldn’t it be an easy step by step instruction from Him? If I’m being obedient in doing this, WHY isn’t it easier and done quickly? Why the obstacles? Shouldn’t He protect me from any uncomfortable obstacles so I can continue with His leading? Doubt creeps in at this point: Maybe it’s not REALLY God leading me since it is taking a long time and not clear cut. Maybe I’m just confused and running down a path that I’m not supposed to journey on anyhow. Maybe I’m wasting all this time & effort and should regroup and do something more familiar than try to create a blog. I mean, I don’t use social media, don’t generally read blogs much less know how to create one–so SURELY God wouldn’t use someone like me to create a blog…there are so many other people who are much more proficient than I am at this!

Time for a breather….looking back on my thoughts: lots of WHY; lots of MAYBE and finally SURELY NOT ME. I have been clinging to a truth lately and realized I have let it slip from me during these thoughts: Cling to TRUTH and not what I feel. Feelings aren’t always truth but the Word of God is constantly, always, 24/7 the TRUTH.
After much discussion (prayer, whining) with the Father, the truth quietly slips in: don’t let the frustrations of not knowing WHY or doubts of MAYBE plague me. He reassures me and yes–it may have frustrating days, it may take longer than I want, it may FEEL like I want to quit since I don’t see myself as equipped or experienced enough to successfully handle what is in front of me. Like a whisper of sunlight on a gray day–I understand that I don’t need to be experienced or feel equipped. I just need to be obedient. Obedient to the Father to do what He has guided me to do…and let Him do the rest. Me, the ‘recovering’ control freak–is slowly walking out giving up control to the One who can handle it. Not me–just Him. Not always easy. Not fast. I don’t understand WHY plus doubts sweep in with ‘maybe not…’ so I CLING back to knowing I don’t have to do it all as a one woman show…I can’t.

So I don’t.

Ahhh, how peaceful to know its not all up to me!! Thank you Lord!